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The Swedish Tourist Guide Association (SveGuide) is an interest organisation for qualified tourist guides and nature guides in Sweden. 

We make sure that clients find good-quality-guides for their assignments. 

We set the standard for guide training and professional certificates.

Welcome to the Swedish Tourist Guide Association!

Sweden is a wonderful country, with so much to experience. There are four seasons, big variations from north to south and a thousand years of history to draw from. Whether you travel Sweden as visitors or residents a guide can enhance your experience of the place!

Our members have undergone extensive training and expertize and provide entertaining tourism experience to groups and individual travelers from Sweden as well as visitors from abroad. Between them they speak some 20 languages.

The Association has almost 400 members living and working across the country, from North to South.

A qualified tourist guide is an ambassador of Sweden and offers the inside knowledge that only a local can provide about their town and area, covering both the past and the present. Whether you take a walking tour, coach tour or visit a museum, it will be a lifetime memory when you choose a qualified tourist guide.

The guides are serviceminded and thanks to their professionalism and skills you will feel truly welcomed to the places you visit in Sweden.

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SveGuide helps visitors


  • To have an unforgettable stay in Sweden thanks to our knowledgeable and well-trained tourist guides.

High quality tourist guides

Anyone can today call her/himself a guide no matter what formal competence the person has. To assure the tourist companies and visitors that they will acquire the quality of guiding which they expect, SveGuide offers and administers professional evaluation of guiding skills from a quality perspective which can lead to a national certification.
The national certification ensures that a tourist guide has professional skills and competence to convey knowledge in a pleasant and reliable manner.
The majority of our members are nationally certified. By hiring a nationally certified tourist guide you get a qualified tourist guide whose guiding skills have been evaluated and approved by SveGuide.




SveGuide; what we do for our members

  • Driver guidefrågor i Sverige och internationellt
  • Kompetensutvecklar på årsstämma och utbildningsträffar
  • Sätter yrkesstandard och certifierar
  • Visar upp och promotar guideyrkets mervärde för besökare.
  • Marknadsför guider i olika sammanhang, inklusive förmedlar kontakt genom hemsidan.
  • Erbjuder ett nätverk och kollegie-skap för guider.
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