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A qualified tourist guide is trained according to SveGuides criteria or has equivalent skills and has thus fullfilled the demands to obtain the authorization.

The SveGuide training plan currently covers at least 200 hours of guided instruction and ends with examinations and a practical guiding test. Training takes place in cooperation between SveGuides’ regional or local member associations, tourism organizations, other stakeholders and training providers. After completion of the training and approved tests, the guide receives authorization.

To find out which guide programs that are currently present in your region, please contact the respective regional or local guide association. See the member associations contact details here (pdf in Swedish, opens in a new window).

For those of you who have already undergone a guide training or who has equivalent documented competence but has yet to receive an authorization:
A validation system has been designed in collaboration between SveGuide and Visita and today is administered by SveGuide. With this system in place, you are able to participate in an examination for a National Guide Authorization. If successful, you are registered as a nationally qualified guide.

To education organisers: To obtain more information about the training plan, please contact the training manager:


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