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As qualified tourist guide, you are welcome as a member of the Swedish Guide Association.

Relevant guide training and authorization is a prerequisite for admission as member of the Swedish Guide Association.

When you have completed your education and obtained authorization, you are welcome to apply for membership through your regional or local guide association connected to the Swedish Guide Association. In some cases, a qualified tourist guide be granted membership in SveGuide as individual member.

Membership is granted by SveGuides board. When a regional or local guide association applies for membership in SveGuide, the application must be supported by the minutes of its member meeting.

What benefits do you have as a member of the Swedish Guide Association?

Through your membership, you get

  • Marketing through SveGuides website,
  • Prospect of acquiring national guide authorization
  • Training and skills development
  • Monitoring of guide issues nationally and internationally to make visible the authorized tourist guide’s role and importance
  • Access to a wide network of knowledge and information on issues concerning tourist guide profession.

The membership fee consists of an annual fee per guide association, and a fee per member. Individual members pay per person. The membership fee is set annually by SveGuides annual general meeting.

If you have questions about your or your association’s membership, please contact a members responsible:

Application forms

Guide Associations
(pdf in Swedish. Opens in a new window)

Qualified tourist guide 
(pdf in Swedish; opens in new window)

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